Keto and Electrolytes

vitamins for electrolytes

I have been on the Ketogenic Diet for going on 6 weeks now and I can tell you first-hand the effects that this way of eating as if you do not keep your electrolytes in check.  Last week I had terrible right arm pain and I just did not feel good, ie: sluggish, light headed and anxious.  I had been taking Keto Core vitamins but they gave me heartburn.  So, I drank a large bottle of Smart Water and within minutes my symptoms faded away. If you do not any water with electrolytes, just add pink Himalayan salt to any water and that will work the same. Smart Water is quite expensive so you can rotate between a large bottle of Smart Water and store-brand inexpensive water with vinegar or salt.

Smart Water is a brand that contains minerals and electrolytes that I was not getting enough of.  Now I just take a One A Day vitamin for women and drink my water daily and a lot of it.  It is recommended to drink a gallon of water a day on the Keto diet and I am now a firm believer in doing just that.  Also, for the heartburn, I drank 1 tablespoon Braggs Organic Apple Cider Vinegar in a cup of water.  That did the trick for that problem.  I just keep learning and losing and that is the whole Point. Today I feel full of energy and full from my Bulletproof Coffee that I had this morning.  My next blog will be about the coffee and the advantages and disadvantages of MCT oil.

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