Bulletproof Coffee Yay or Nay?

Bulletproof Coffee

I have tried bulletproof coffee, but to be totally honest, I just do not like the taste of it. That is probably because I have never been a coffee drinker. It does have benefits because it can bring you more mental clarity and it satiates your hunger if you use it to replace eating breakfast. Bulletproof coffee is made up of caffeinated coffee, 1 tablespoon grass-fed butter, and 1 tablespoon MCT, (medium chain triglycerides), oil or unflavored coconut oil. You mix all of that up in a blender and you will get a frothy concoction that you may or may not like the taste. I tried it for a while but did not like not having a sweetener in my coffee.

You can add cinnamon or vanilla flavoring, but neither of those gives you any sweetness. Many people have said that if it tastes sweet then it is not true Keto, but I tend to disagree. Now, what I do to get the energy boost is to consume a tablespoon of Bulletproof MCT oil, followed by a bottle of water. The oil is thin and tasteless and I have no trouble getting that down. The only problem I have found with MCT oil is that it can cause stomach upset if not increased gradually into your diet. You may want to start with a teaspoon and work your way up to a tablespoon. I have been doing this now for four months and it does not upset my stomach. Without putting artificial sweetener or creamer in your Bulletproof coffee, you will not have any effect on your state of ketosis which is the goal on your weight loss journey of the Ketogenic Diet

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