Keto Diet on a Budget

Delicious broccoli soup

I must admit that when I first started Keto, I thought I had to have all of the Fancy Keto products to get Amazing results. I was wrong. I do not have a lot of money to spend on items that are not required to succeed in this process. The Ketogenic Diet has become so polarized that “must have” items appear all day long. You do not need exogenuous ketones to get in ketosis. You get these things from what you put in your mouth. If you cut out sugar and carbohydrates, you will get into the metabolic state of Ketosis all on your own.

Your carbohydrates will only come from the vegetables you ingest that are, of course, Keto-approved. If you cannot afford fresh vegetables, by all means, buy frozen. I have bags and bags of broccoli and cauliflower in my freezer right now. Cabbage is very cheap and I do buy that fresh and it will last a long time. Look for what is on sale in the produce section when you are there and if you see something that is a good deal, grab it. What I am trying to get at here is, you can be successful on this keto diet with very little money. Grass-fed beef is awesome, but so is hamburger that is on sale today. Or buy a 10 lb. bag of chicken leg quarters for next to nothing and freeze them. Let’s not get hung up on not eating healthy because we cannot afford organic. I, for one, like to save a dime here and there and still lose those pounds. Keto on.

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