Top 7 Vegetables on Keto Diet

Asparagus Steamed

If you like vegetables, you have come to the right diet. There are 7 vegetables that you can eat and enjoy in an unlimited quantity per several Experts in the Ketogenic Diet Field. I listen to Dr, Ken Berry for his insightful experiences on his Keto Journey. These Keto approved vegetables are chock full of nutrients and vitamins and help with your digestion. If your gut is not happy, you are not happy. While some people have a hard time digesting some cruciferous vegetables, I can eat them every day and they really help with getting the fiber I need to stay “regular”. They also contain sulfur which is needed to help with your gut health, also. So, try these 7 out and see what you think of them in different recipes.

Celery is a good and crunchy vegetable that can be used in stock, soups and stews or with a dip, such as, Ranch when you just eat it raw. I like to stuff it with pimento cheese or chicken salad for a nice and healthy snack. Just don’t over do what you are stuffing it with.

Cucumbers are wonderful year round to munch on. I put them in my salads for an added crunch or I eat them in slices with salt, pepper and vinegar. When you need that crunch in your life, eat them with the peeling still on. I love the small pickling cucumbers the best and don’t forget you can have pickles on Keto, too.

Brussels sprouts are great on the Keto diet. They are like little cabbages and pack a punch of flavor. I love to cut them in half and roast them with olive oil and some people separate the leaves before roasting for a crispy chip. I just like them steamed with butter. There are lots of great recipes for Brussels sprouts.

Cabbage is one of my favorite vegetables. I grew up eating cooked cabbage and coleslaw. Now you can slice the cabbage in large rings to make cabbage steaks that bake in the oven and are delicious and so easy to make. Add cabbage to your soups for an extra boost since noodles are a no-no.

Kale can be a hard to eat vegetable for me personally. Some people swear by it, but I have not gotten there yet. I have not tried it yet, but kale can be sauteed in bacon grease and is said to be delicious. This is one that I have to work on trying.

Broccoli is such a versatile veggie. I like it any way it is fixed for a terrific side dish or on a vegetable tray with dip. I like the frozen broccoli and cauliflower mixture from Steamables slathered in butter and salt. Broccoli slaw is good, too and I buy the pre-shredded broccoli in the produce section of the local grocery store.

Asparagus is a vegetable that I can eat my weight in. I like to roast it in the oven with olive oil and salt just until it has a little crunch left in it. Steamed asparagus is awesome with butter and lemon juice and right off the grill as a flavorful side with any grilled meat.

So, that is it for the unlimited vegetables. Of course, my favorite is asparagus because it is so filling. Now, remember you do not have to count these items in your macros if you chose not. I do not even bother to add them in Senza, (the app is use to measure my macros). We will talk about Macros next time.

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