Grains and Carbohydrates and Keto, Oh My

Grain Meme

In a different world where cereal and skim milk with bananas were the normal breakfast of Champions was a Myth? You mean we were not told the truth about what we should and should not eat. What a hypocrisy we have been fed? I remember growing up and we only ate Bunny Bread and it was made right here in my town and smelled so good when we rode by. We did not have whole grain bread, or oat, potato, multi-grain, therefore, we ate white bread. As a young adult, I began to eat Lite White as an option because it contained fewer calories. I was being fooled if I believe the protocol of the Keto diet. Are grains really not good for my health?

I do feel that the Keto diet plan is not the right fit for everyone and that is why you need to check with your Doctor before beginning any weight loss plan. I was a carb junkie and could not stop until the point where I realized that I was obese. Just the sound of that word makes me cringe. I can stay on this plan because I really like the food that I am eating and I no longer crave the bread, pasta, and all other whole grain products and starchy vegetables. Coconut oil satisfies my food cravings which allows me to only eat OMAD, (one meal a day). It really depends who you listen to for opinions on low carb or low fat diets to be healthy. I am being my own voice because I was pre-diabetic and now I am not. My blood sugar count is normal and my high cholesterol and triglycerides are both within normal limits. I feel good and healthy at 57 doing the Keto way of eating.

Misleading advertising has become a tremendous obstacle for overweight people because they usually just see the packaging and do not read the label and ingredients. The packaging may quote low fat and a great source of fiber at only 40 calories per slice of bread, but if you really read the label, the item is so processed and contains so many carbs that it cannot be a healthy way to eat. Plus, so many labels are misleading to the consumer, claiming to be sugar-free when it actually does have sugar, just called by a different name. Pasta was my go-to food and when they came out with whole wheat pasta, I was so excited because I thought I could eat it and be healthy and instead I just got heavier.

OK, rant over. It is all so confusing, but let’s make it simple. Let’s eat whole foods and nothing processed. Chose pork, beef or chicken and a fresh vegetable topped with creamy rich butter and a side salad with olive oil and a few almond flour cookies. Your tummy will be satisfied and if you do Keto right, you will lose weight, feel healthier and you will not want to go back to the cereal with the banana. Keto on and Strong!

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