Keto and Hidden Sugars

The ketogenic diet (KEE-toh-JEH-nik DY-et)A diet high in fat and low in carbohydrates (sugars) that causes the body to break down fat into molecules called ketones. Ketones circulate in the blood and become the main source of energy for many cells in the body. A ketogenic diet is used to treat some types of epilepsy and is being studied in the treatment of some types of cancer.

By the above definition, Keto is about ridding all sugars from our diets, so that we can obtain a state of ketosis to lose fat, curb hunger and have more energy. I have been in a ketosis state for 5 months and the results have been Great. Although I have lost quite a bit of weight and feel better, I have been lucky to not fall off the keto wagon due to deceiving labels that Manufacturers use to think a product does not contain sugar. It is astounding how many pseudonyms they use for added sugars. I read labels, but I have been fooled several times into thinking a product is keto-friendly when it is not.

I hope this infographic will help you not to be fooled by the food industry. I printed this list out so that I can take it with me to the grocery store since the list is so long. I use Swerve as my go to sugar for baking and coffee. This sugar-alcohol will not raise your glycemic index and measures just like sugar. Many of my friends prefer monkfruit because it claims to not have a bitter after taste. This a personal preference, so try a few out and see how you feel about each one. Number 1 advice is to read ALL labels.

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