Nuts or Not on Keto?

Nuts are categorized as a, “healthy food”, by a lot of Nutritionists because they are packed with a ton of nutrients. Some nuts rank higher on the food list than others and it also depends on how the nut has been processed. A nut in its raw state contains a bevy of nutrients, fiber and protein. Some contain minerals, such as, calcium and magnesium and antioxidant properties. Some nuts are even said to help with cardiovascular diseases, if eaten as prescribed by your doctor.

Good news, if you love nuts, is that most are Keto-friendly in moderation. The problem that I have run into with nuts, is the moderation part. It is so easy to overeat nuts because they taste so good but they also pack a lot of calories. You get that crunch and the saltiness in this small snack, but you had better add them to your Macro app to check the calories BEFORE you eat them. That is why it is very important to pick the lowest carbohydrate nuts for the Keto diet. Also, do not pick the ones that have been roasted in oil because it could be an oil product that is not recommended on Keto and could put you out of ketosis. Eaten raw or dry-roasted is probably the best route to go. I have put a list below of some of the lowest carb nuts.

Some of my keto friends, as well as, myself have noticed a stall in weight loss with the addition of nuts into our diets. I know that my stall was just from eating too many, but for some they cause digestive issues and other problems, so they are avoided. I have just written this article to give you options and you can make up your own mind on eating nuts or not. Please tell me what you think about nuts on your keto journey.

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