The Scale can be the Devil

Measure or Weigh?

When I first started the Keto Diet I did not think about getting on the scale every day or not. Then I joined a support group and they would have monthly challenges about not weighing for 30 days. I never joined in on them because I feel that I am more accountable for my weight if I weigh every morning. Right before I get in the shower, I weigh and that determines what I really have to achieve that day to feel better about myself. That is just the way I think. Others will contend that no weight loss will cause you to be discouraged and not stay on course and cheat. Everyone is different and that is why you have to decide for yourself what course you will take. It is also advised to take measurements at the beginning because on Keto you will lose inches sometimes instead of pounds. I did not follow that rule either. I tend to do my own thing and not follow the pack.

One idea that I like is to find a garment, pants or shirt or both, that you have not been able to wear for awhile and when you feel thinner, try them on and see where you are at. You may be very surprised at how fast you will be able to wear clothes you thought you would never wear again. I like to try on clothes that I was wearing before I started the diet and see how I swim in them and start a Goodwill bag. Right now I have a large, full plastic garbage bag full of clothes that are way too big on me. Great feeling! I still weigh every day and probably always will because that is my motivation.

Another thing that gives encouragement to share with others is NSV, (non-scale victories). This can be anything you feel good about that happened to you and want to share it with others. Maybe you started a new exercise program or went out to dinner and ate all Keto friendly foods or someone noticed your weight loss and mentioned how Great you look. I had that happen to me just the other day at the grocery store and it feels really good when someone notices. With summer coming in just a few months I will wear a swimsuit to the pool which I did not do last year. NSV for me. I still have 30 more pounds to lose but I am happy at the progress I have made so far and you can be right there with me. Support is the key to any success I believe. So, get started and let’s have a Great Summer!!

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