5 Benefits of Pickle Juice on Keto

Pickles have been around since Cleopatra when she ate them because she claimed they made her Beautiful. May seem like nonsense, but pickle juice is a brine solution that is chock full of electrolytes, antioxidants, nutrients, and minerals. Always remember we have to stay hydrated and keep our electrolytes in check while working the Keto Diet. See the 5 benefits below…

  1. Workout Drink: Pickle juice, whether drank before or after a physical workout, can help replenish sodium and potassium that was lost by sweating. Pickle juice can deliver nutrients to the body faster than any other means, so it has become very popular with athletes or anyone trying to stay physically fit.
  2. Helps Prevent and Treat Muscle Cramps: I have heard a lot of stories from people on Keto who suffer from awful cramping. If you have ever had a muscle cramp that wakes you from a deep sleep, you know what I am talking about. The worst pain Ever and pickle juice can help with keeping you hydrated so hopefully, cramps will go far away.
  3. Good for Digestion: The vinegar in pickle juice is fermented and that actually makes it good for your gut. We all want our guts to be happy and a little shot of pickle juice can help with the healthy balance of good bacteria and flora.
  4. Great source for Antioxidants: When we think of fighting off a cold or flu-bug, we usually think of Vitamin C. Pickle juice is packed with Vitamin C and Calcium, so it helps you fight off those pesky disorders and stay healthy.
  5. PMS Help: Again, pickle juice can help with cramping during your period and can also, help with your salt cravings so you do not go for that bag of chips. It may help you generally feel better and not over snack.

Now, I am not saying just go out and drink a bottle of pickle juice. It needs to be used in moderation. I like to add it to the water I am already going to drink. Pickle juice is high in sodium, so if you use it in excess it can cause Hypertension and Bloating. So, everything in moderation. If I feel a headache coming on, I sometimes just get me a little drink of pickle juice and it balances me right away. Moderation is the key in anything including drinking pickle juice. Just remember, pickles with sugar do not count!!

Tip: I add pickle juice to deviled eggs, egg salad, marinades and dips to get the healthy benefits and add a little kick.

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