5 Biggest Mistakes on Keto Diet

There are probably more than 5 mistakes that can happen on the Ketogenic diet, but this post will give you the most common errors and how to avoid them. This journey can be made out to be extremely confusing, but if you break it down, it is really quite simple. Let’s get started on some of the mistakes and how to lose the weight you desire to lose in a simple and uncomplicated way of eating on Keto.

  1. Being afraid of eating fats is the number 1 mistake you can make. You have to eat saturated fats on Keto to be successful. The fats you need can come from foods you eat such as fatty meats, avocados, eggs, vegetables cooked with fat and full-fat dairy products. Some of the most popular fats to add to your menu are, olive oil, avocado oil, ghee (clarified butter), grass-fed butter, bacon grease, and coconut oil. These are the basics to keep your hunger sustained and lead to successful weight loss.
  2. Not getting enough salt in your diet is detrimental to your success. Without salt, you can feel awful and this is so easy to do right. Just salt your food to taste. If you salt to taste then you have enough in your diet. Real Himalayan Pink Salt is good and there are plenty to choose from in your grocery store. Dr. Berry suggests “Redmond” sea salt and you can order that on Amazon. You also need potassium and magnesium, but if you are eating the recommended leafy green vegetables, you will get the amount you need from those and probably will not need to take supplements. I just take a multi-vitamin daily out of habit.
  3. Snacking can really hinder your weight loss. You eat until you are full at each meal and try not to eat anything between your meals. Whether you eat one, two or three meals a day. eat until you are completely full and you will not crave a snack. What the diet is trying to get from you is to lower your insulin spikes by not eating between meals as a form of fasting. This will keep you in a good state of ketosis and weight loss is inevitable if done correctly.
  4. Do not fall for all of the Keto products that are out there that you do not need. You do not need exogenous ketones to get into ketosis, for example. Stopping the carbohydrate intake will get you into ketosis in a timely manner without the use of supplements that you just do not need to waste your money on. Eat whole foods and avoid foods in packages with a lot of ingredients because they probably contain hidden carbohydrates and sugars. Eat clean and you will lose weight.
  5. Do not go it alone. Find a buddy or a support group like right here on Ketochatter. Ask questions and get answers from real people who may be experiencing the same issues you may be having. Do not let others discourage you from reaching your goals and improving your health because of their ignorance concerning the Ketogenic way of eating. Even your family may have issues with this diet, but if you have done your own research and feel confident and see the results and how much better you feel, that is all you need to succeed. Trust your gut.

Let’s try not to make these mistakes, and if you have already, just correct it and move on. It is never too late to start or start over if you had a bad day. I do suggest you download an app to get the customized Macros for the weight you are right now and the amount that you want to lose. I use Senza and it is free and simple to use and enter the foods that I consume all day. Senza counts the carbohydrates for me to keep me on track. Some of my friends use Carb Manager for their calculations, so pick the one that you feel comfortable with because I do think it is important to keep track of what you put in your mouth for the entire day. It is also very rewarding to go from obese to overweight to normal by eating good for you foods and becoming the best version of yourself and not having to starve to get these results. Good luck on your personal journey.

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