Simple Keto for Beginners

I know there are so many contradictions by different experts when starting the Ketogenic Diet. Some of these experts change their thinking and actions right in the middle of the plan. I have followed several Doctors and used their advice as a guideline to my journey and way of eating and then they turn around and change their research and leave me hanging and not really knowing which way to follow. Some even talk about deleting older videos that do not jibe with their current situation. We trusted what they led us to believe and then change their minds by their progression on Keto. I find that to be discouraging, to say the least. Warning: There will be BLUNTNESS in this Post!!!

When I started my Keto journey 8 months ago, vegetables were the really only source of my carbohydrate intake. Now, months later, two of my favorite Ketoers are going Strict Carnivore. That means most of their diet consists of meat, eggs, animal organs, and good fat. I have used this method of carnivore to break through a stall, but have no plans to follow this WOE in the long run. I like my vegetables way too much to give them up. I am on this journey to lose weight and be healthy once again. So, I am going over the way to start keto the way I started and have been successful so far.

  1. Always check with your physician before you start a diet plan to make sure it is right for your situation. My doctor told me it was fine but she did not think it was sustainable in the long term. I will disagree with her on that since I enjoy this WOE and it has been very beneficial to me so far.
  2. Remove all carbs from your home if that is possible, such as crackers, rice, potatoes, chips, popcorn and any and all starchy vegetables and sugars. Fruits are not acceptable either, except for a few berries, and I stay away from them, also. It is a personal choice.
  3. Stick to whole foods and stay away from processed foods. If it is in a box or can with a ton of ingredients, I would stay away. Hidden ingredients on processed foods can really hinder your progress. Just because it has KETO on the label does not mean it really is. Some are misleading and others are just scams.
  4. Stay under 20 net carbs if possible and do not be afraid of the fat. I would not worry about calorie intake at the beginning of the diet, but just getting used to this way of eating. I did not start counting my macronutrients until I was in my second month, at least. Try to just get used to this new way to eat so you can not worry about doing something incorrectly. Again, keep it simple. A meat and a vegetable and salad or bacon and eggs. Trying to replace the foods you are giving up is a trap in the beginning because of cravings. Keep it all simple.
  5. Just remember your goal right now in the beginning phase is to get yourself in ketosis. That happens when you limit your carbohydrates and eliminate your sugar and grains. I used pee sticks to check my progress, but you will know when you are in ketosis when you start having more mental clarity and start losing weight. Now everyone loses at a different pace, so try to not get discouraged because slow and steady can win the race, too.
  6. Beware of the “keto flu” by keeping up with your electrolytes. Pink Himalayan Salt is a lifesaver when you add it to your water and I recommend drinking around a gallon of water per day. If you start feeling poorly, pickle juice will clear your head and steady your electrolytes, so keep that handy. Also, make Google your friend. If there is a term you do not understand, look it up by all means. Research is your friend.

I hope these tips have helped some of you get started on this fantastic Way of Life. Success can be yours for the taking if you are in the right mindset and have the motivation to be kind to yourself and your body. We have neglected ourselves long enough and it is time to start loving ourselves and feeling well again. Keto On!!

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