7 Keto Tips For Beginners

  1. Start Keto right now. I waited 2 months to start because I was doing research and that was 2 months of not losing weight. There is no way to learn all of the ins and outs of Keto because they are so vast. I have learned so much by actually being on the diet that is much more valuable than just reading about it. However, you do have to know the basics to begin and that is to stop eating sugar and most all things white, processed foods and grains. If you need to start with bacon and eggs with no bread, go for it.
  2. Get the temptations out of your house. That is simple if you live alone, but if you have a family make your own space just for your food. With the temptations gone it would be unlikely you will drive to go get it and you will choose a healthier option. I went to a dollar store and bought small plastic crates to separate my oils and spices and any other Keto friendly foods so I was not forging around for a snack that was just going to sabotage my success.
  3. Keep it simple. There are so many beautiful recipes out there and how to replace certain things you are giving up, but it is not necessary to prepare them. The Keto bread just replaces bread and may hinder your success. It will not take long for the cravings to subside for these foods and for you to enjoy other options.
  4. The first weight loss you encounter is going to be water weight loss and not fat. So, say you only need to lose 15 pounds and you achieved that in 2 weeks, that will come right back. Your body has to get into ketosis for the weight loss to be fat. This is not a miracle fad diet, but a lifestyle to get healthy and lose weight while doing just that.
  5. In the beginning, just eat until you are full. Do make sure you are getting enough good fats, but do not worry about calories. Just cut the carbohydrates to 25 grams or below and you will lose weight and get into ketosis quickly. Please do not waste your money on supplements that claim to get you into ketosis faster because you will get there as soon as your body is ready.
  6. Try new foods. You may be surprised at what you like now. Some people may think they do not like a certain cut of meat or vegetable, but our palates change over time. Some of that dislike for the particular food could stem from having to eat it as a child. My Mother cooked collards and they stunk up the house when she cooked them and I did not like them. Now, I love collards, she would be so proud. So, have an open mind and give new foods a try.
  7. If you cheat just pretend it did not happen. Keto is very forgiving, so just start again. Please do not feel like a failure if you indulge in unhealthy foods because we are all human and the temptation is real. Just get back on the wagon and Keto On.

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