So, I Made Keto Cookies

Like I said to myself from the very beginning of this Keto journey, “don’t make the recipes to try to replace the foods you are trying to give up”. There are thousands of Keto recipes out there and they look beautiful in the photographs, magazines, and cookbooks but can you make those foods and stick to a true Keto lifestyle? For me personally, the answer is No. A lot of the recipes are full of luscious cheeses and creams and are probably delicious, but for me, I know that I would over-indulge. That is why my mantra all along has been to “keep it simple”. That idea works for me, so you may find it not appealing to you. Everyone is different.

Anyway, I chose a Keto cookie recipe that was only 4 ingredients so I should be alright. Almond flour mixed with salted butter, erythritol, and vanilla extract are simple and easy to make, then bake. Wow, cookies seemed like a great reward for all of the hard work I have put in to lose 60 pounds. Yes, let’s reward ourselves with food for losing weight? I think a better reward would have been a shirt in a smaller size. So, I knew I could only have 2 cookies for that day. I must say they were tasty, but nothing Spectacular. Plus, did I mention that I doubled the recipe?? Now I had 24 cookies in my kitchen on that fateful night.

At first, I was fine with my 2 cookie limit, but then something came over me. It was like I was being possessed with the overwhelming desire for more. I had eaten a good and healthy dinner and was not even hungry, but I lost total control and ate 2 more cookies. Well, it just progressed from there until they were all gone. I had eaten 24 almond-butter cookies in one night! That was the equivalent of eating a whole stick of butter. I was sick, literally. How could I have done that to myself? I felt overwhelming guilt and frustration for my lack of will-power. What was I going to do now?

The answer to, What am I going to do now? is just starting over the next day. Keto is such a forgiving way of eating, that we just continue on like it never happened. Learn from your mistakes, but never cast shame on yourself or others for having a lapse in judgment. I probably will not try that again, but I may, who knows? I do know that if I do try it again, I will not double the recipe!

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