Keto Diet and Patience

Breaking Free

I have been on this Keto Diet for 5 weeks now and have lost 15 pounds.  Why do I want to lose more and faster?  Because we always want more.  I want it when I want it and a lot of us have been programmed that way.  It’s hard to live in the moment; always thinking ahead and what ifs? What if I didn’t drink that Diet Coke yesterday?  Would I have lost a pound today?  I don’t know if that is the reason I didn’t lose today.  It could have been the cream cheese or the carrots.  I can wrack my brain all day, instead of just being happy that I have lost 15 pounds.  Logically, it is probably something, as simple as, not pooping for 2 days. ...  Read More

Ketogenic Diet or Not?

Avocados for Healthy Fat

I don’t mind telling you that I have spent days researching the Keto Plan and it is very confusing.  I see good things and not so good things.  However, I am going to give it a shot.  I will give it my all to see if it is the answer I am craving.  I want to lose weight AND feel good.  Is that even a possibility?  I pray that this is my answer.  I was a skinny kid and did not start gaining weight until my mid-thirties and now I am considered obese.  I am 57 and I want to live a long and healthy life and the rate I have been going I will not.  I have no other choice than to do something to get this excess weight off.  I suffer very badly from depression, so I worry that I may have adverse reactions to my electrolytes being off.  So, right off, I am getting the water with supplements already in them if I continue this journey.  I am preparing myself for all of the things that could happen to my body and my mind.   ...  Read More